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The Scandinavians may have their faults, but they sure know how to stay warm in the winter. Check out these cozy-looking loutfits by Chill Norway. The family-owned firm was founded in 2004 by two sisters, Line Gaarud Houge and Nanna Gaarud. Their webpage informs us that the ladies are in their mid thirties and mothers of two; their goal was to create a brand that represented themselves and their lifestyle. (more…)


Liike, a shop in Helsinki, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary with an amazing group collection called Deninmalism. It’s not often that you get a chance to compare several designers’ signature styles in the same material and the same collection. (more…)

Elle Frostegard hasn’t taken a traditional path to a career as fashion designer, but it seems like she is nevertheless on the way to realizing her dream. “I never took any courses in design. I am entirely self-taught. I sew all the clothes I make myself,” says Elle, who plans to apply to St. Martins design school in London as soon as possible. (more…)

Mathias Lauridsen, one of the hottest male models in the world, is the new face of Emporio Armani Diamonds Fragrance. The photo above is the work of Terry Richardson. (more…)

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The label is never prominent on clothing created by Finnish designer Liisa Kotilainen .
“I dislike the idea of a piece of clothing being immediately identifiable as a given brand. It shifts the spotlight from the wearer to the designer. I believe the garment should be anonymous and let the woman shine instead,” Liisa explains.
The collections under Liisa’s AINO brand are designed for all kinds of women, not just the tall and pencil-thin model types. Accordingly, most AINO pieces are available in sizes from XS up to XXL. (more…)

Trash-Couture, which is based in-between London, Paris and Copenhagen, combines environmental awareness with the finest traditions of French couture. Founded by independent Danish designer Ann Wiberg in 2002, the company makes its entire collection out of silk and tulle, complimented with couture embroideries, vintage laces and semi-precious stones.

Last year, Trash-Couture opened The Ballroom, a 250 sq meter private salon in the heart of Copenhagen. (more…)

We spotted this pretty outfit on a blog by Växsjö-based Alisa Ustabrievic. Alisa is modeling the flowery dress she also designed.

“ I have not blogged for a while now, I thought I’d start again. But we’ll see .. I’m working on some styling jobs,” she explains in a FB response to our query.

Good taste: Caroline Axell of Pom Pom Parlour-- who has previous served as a stylist for a TV4’makeover feature-- was wearing a Dior bracelet from 1969, an H&M dress and Sonia Rykiel designer shoes.

Ruby Delicious and “stage kitten” Josephine Shake ‘n’ Burn relax on a comfy couch. “She picks up my clothes after I perform,” Ruby said, explaining the role of her sidekick.

Quite a dish: Lola van Dyke, a big star on the Swedish burlesque scene and the producer of the three-day festival taking place at Berns , strikes a pose for Scandinavian Fashion. On the troupe’s website, she calls herself “The Sauciest Strudel in Showbiz.”

Well-groomed: We liked the look of Hans Rosenberg, a translator, who kept out of the cold at the nearby Le Boheme restaurant before the start of the show. All photos: André Anwar.

A sneak preview of this weekend’s Stockholm Burlesque Festival took place on Wednesday evening at the Pom Pom Parlour shop on the third floor of the PUB department store. The theme boutique, with its assortment of 50’s-style fashions, burlesque accessories and sex toys was the perfect setting for a teaser mini-show by two of the tassel twirling performers in the Knicker Sisters, which are arranging the festival. The performers made their entrance and exit in the department store elevators.

The Pom Pom boutique is currently hosting an exhibit of photos by four photographers who have followed the Knicker Kittens over the years: Ewa Hilden Smith, Martin von Krogh, Olle Lundin, and Jimmy Croona. All photos above: André Anwar.

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*Now that Old-Man-Winter is rearing his hoary head in Scandinavia (not every day one gets a chance to use the word ”hoary”) it is time to look for something to keep your ribs from turning into icicles. One option is this trim parka, available in models for both guys and girls, which hip-hop singer Petter designed for Tenson.
“MPC Extreme combines extremely effective waterproofing with exceptional fabric-breathing performance. With fake fur in hood, knitted cuffs and comfortable padding it makes it your best friend this winter,” according to Tenson’s press machine.
Well, I don’t know about the best friend bit, but it looks like a warm coat.

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The Norwegian fashion scene feels like a continent waiting to be discovered: mysterious, exotic, possibly harboring fantastic treasures….or maybe not? We stumbled across this gem while randomly trolling the Net– what a cool opening to the runway show! We know nothing yet about Kjersti Vatle Toresen and her brand Vatle Designs, but according to her webpage she loves late nights, sequins in all sizes, , dancing barefoot, Pedro Almodovar, big sunglasses, Tom Waits, Lykke Li, decadent watches, fresh pressed smoothies with acai from Brazil, the sound of rain melting with the sea and many other things.

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