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This short film pretty much tells the story, how Norwegian twins Kine and Einy Paulsen moved to California to attend USC Marshall School of Business, and got the idea of making fashionable three deminsional viewing glasses after seeing a 3-D movie.

I found several more short promotional films by Ingri-Dahl on Youtube, including a quirky clip featuring a hungry rabbit.

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Label: This advertisement has been retouched and gives a false picture of the model

Norwegian minister of Gender Equality Audun Lysbakken wants to reduce the pressure on young girls to try to live up to unrealistic ideals of beauty. Lysbakken plans to start a dialogue with the advertising industry and the media to stop advertising which promotes unhealthy body ideals, according to daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

One possible course of action is to label advertising that features people who are airbrushed to look thinner.

The leftwing youth organization Red Youth (Rød Ungdom) last year staged a campaign to bring attention to digitally retouched advertising which features stick-thin models. They pasted large labels on advertising billboards with digitally airbrushed models. The campaign is likely to be repeated during the Christmas shopping season this year.

“A hundred thousand girls have eating disorders. We know that many other girls have an unhealthy relationship with food and body. When they encounter advertisements designed on a computer, it constantly tells them that they are not good enough, thin enough, fine enough. This leads to low self-esteem and ultimately can lead to eating disorders, says Red Youth deputy chairman MarteTeigen.

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Futuristic aesthetic: The Odyssey collection

If film director Tim Burton wanted to do a fresh remake of Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, he would need to visit Oslo, Norway to find the perfect jewelry accessories. The Bjørg Odyssy 2012 Collection is brutal…in a good way.

Inspired by futurism and geometry, the collection uses natural materials like horsehair, opals and feathers, juxtaposed with iridescent colours, industrial structures and mutated shapes.

I got a first-hand glimpse of the collection yesterday when Scandinavian Press Room, a fashion PR bureau, held a press day at their office in the Östermalm district of Stockholm.
Company vice president Olof Erlandsson took me on a tour of the showroom. He was wearing a large, gold-plated bracelet from Bjørg which reminded me of a whale skeleton, and a finger ring with a pale, horsehair ridge. Photo: David B

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Norwegian fashion newsletter which popped up in my in-box today brought me some interesting news. Moods of Norway, that unpretentious crew who has a thing for waffle irons and tractors, is now also making outfits for women. The images above are drawn from the company’s “Cocktail Farming” collection.

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Out of style in Oslo: Fake fur is OK

When the models tramp down the runway at the Oslo Fashion Week in February they will be wearing cotton, silk, velour, knitwear and many other materials. But one thing they won’t be wearing is fur. The Norwegians are first in the world to prohibit clothing made from fur during a fashion week. (more…)

Maybe it is the atmosphere, the excitement of the people crowded around the runway at her catwalk shows, the attitude of the models, or maybe it is something about the passionate design of the clothes created by Kjersti Vatle Toresen that commands attention. It seems to me that this is a Norwegian designer who is going places.

Kjersti got back to me today with some answers I posed to her via e-mail. She says that her brand is “for the people who dare to be their self. It’s a combination of avant garde and expressive pieces with character. The label Vatle Designs will be presented on the European market next season.

SF: Do you have any new projects or collaborations under way?
I’m working with different Norwegian artists, I love making pop fashion for pop artists. I just had a collaboration with Norway’s Mariann Rosa and Fretex. I love Mariann’s style and its nice to do something with value and help others as in working with Fretex.

At the moment I´m working with a new collection. The new thing this season, is that (more…)

Its his fault: Thomas Adams, co-founder of OnePiece

A sartorial trend spearheaded by OnePiece, a fashion label from Norway, has fashion editors cringing and applauding. The sudden popularity of jumpsuits for adults, now available at Harrod’s in London, provides fashion pundits everywhere with a lovely target for their acerbic wit:

“You look like a toddler stretched out,” was one response to the OnePiece cited by The Guardian in a recent article about the international trend. The article in the British daily asks whether it is possible for a man to be taken seriously while dressed like a toddler. “A journey back to the womb,” was another dour judgment expressed in the paper.

Fans of the loose-fitting fleece cotton garments, otherwise known as “onesies,” argue that they are perfect for chilling out after a tough day at the office. They are undoubtedly comfy for lounging around at home or reclining in front of an open fire after a full day on the ski slopes.

The idea for the warm, colorful garments came about (more…)

It’s made of silk organza and cotton, and it has lots of hooks. The roughly 10 meter long wedding dress by Iselin Engan of Norway is a modular garment, which can be worn at a conventional length or extended to suit someone exceptionally tall, who is standing in a room with an exceptionally high ceiling.

The scary and romantic art-dress by Iselin which was recently exhibited at a Stockholm art gallery plays a leading role in a fashion film called “Rend Fou.” The fashion designer is currently studying film in Lodz, Poland, at the college where famed director Roman Polanski learned his craft.

“I think fashion and film go very well together,” Iselin explained, when we recently met at Galleri Duerr exhibit.
Iselin is something of a celebrity designer in her native Norway. Crown Princess Mette-Marit, a fashionista of the first rank, has been photographed several times wearing her frocks. Iselin says that her next collection, which will be launched next year, will be “a more complex expression.”

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Take one person with a bright idea, add a second one, a third one and keep going. If one collects enough clever and ambitious people together in one room a critical mass is achieved, and the result is an explosion of creativity. That is what happened in Stockholm last night, as some 30 fashion designers, artists, and other folk from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway—and some brilliant Estonians—got together in a gallery to chat, show their projects, and network. (more…)

The Scandinavians may have their faults, but they sure know how to stay warm in the winter. Check out these cozy-looking loutfits by Chill Norway. The family-owned firm was founded in 2004 by two sisters, Line Gaarud Houge and Nanna Gaarud. Their webpage informs us that the ladies are in their mid thirties and mothers of two; their goal was to create a brand that represented themselves and their lifestyle. (more…)