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Argonite jacket

When Icelandic singer Björk visited Stockholm last month to claim the Polar Music Prize, she wore a brilliant jacket that glittered like a thousand rubies. We knew that Björk visited the Swedish art/fashion designer Bea Szenfeld before she picked up the prize, but didn’t know that the outfit Björk wore to the awards ceremony was actually one of Bea’s creations.

The singer made a positive impression on the fashion designer: “Bjork is the most talented woman I now!” says Ms. Szenfeld.

The jacket Björk wore to the award ceremony is called “Aragonite” and it´s made out of three-dimensional pink paper sequins. Aragonite are corals which occurred during the Cambrian period about 542 million years ago, the designer informs Scandinavian Fashion.

The jacket is one of a dozen “haute papier” outfits that comprise Bea Szenfeld’s extraordinary “Sur Plag” collection. Does Ms. Szenfeld have a new collection under way? (more…)


Idun Design in NYC

People who visited the nightclub Riche in central Stockholm one evening a few weeks ago got a bit of a surprise. A gang of young women and men paraded up and down the street close to the club wearing knitted gas masks in various colors. Was this a political statement of some sort? Had a strange doomsday cult from Belgium or San Francisco invaded the Swedish capital? No, the masked women were engaged in an art/fashion happening arranged by Jasmine Idun Tova Lyman.
Inside the club, singer Ida Long from Gävle was performing some of her tunes. Icelandic signer/songwriter Björk had been awarded the Polar Music Prize earlier in the evening, and Riche was the designated venue for the after-party.
Jasmine Lyman made her first knitted gas mask in 2007 inspired by a plaster mask she made in high school, but it just gathered dust in her closet. People who looked at a photo of the mask told her she was onto something cool. So she began to make more under the brand Idun Design.
How people interpret the masks is up to the observer, but they seem to be some sort of a symbol. (more…)

Icelandic singer-songwriter-actress Björk, in Stockholm on Monday to receive the Polar Music Prize from the hand of the Swedish king, lived up to her reputation as a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. (more…)

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Iceland’s most famous performing artist will meet with Swedish art/fashion designer Bea Szenfeld when the singer and her stylist visit Stockholm next week. Björk is coming to Sweden to officially accept the Polar Music Prize, one of the most prestigious music prizes in the world, in a ceremony to be held August 30 at Stockholm Concert Hall. (more…)

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Volcanic explosions and a finance crisis of epic proportions have obviously not extinguished Icelandic creativity. Reykjavik-based fashion firm Aftur, established in 1999, has always used recycled materials. Bára Hólmgeirsdóttir is the designer and owner of the company, which has done outfits for Icelandic musicians such as Björk, Emiliana Torrini and Sigur Rós.These striking photos are by Elisabet Davidsdottir. Styling was done Hrafnhildur “Raven” Holmgeirsdottir, make-up by Andrea Helgadottir and the model is Edda Petursdottir. More of this series can be seen at:

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