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Veronica Fratrielli

We chatted with Veronica Fratrielli while waiting for the Carin Wester show to start on Wednesday evening, during the Stockholm Fashion Week. She was wearing a colorful coat by Desigual, a Spanish label, together with vintage shoes and jewellery.

Origninally from Poland but currently living in Oslo, Veronica (who has a cool blog!) at will soon be shifting to Sweden to study fashion at the University of Stockholm.
Photo: Sara B

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IN VOGUE: Michelle da Silva

Stylist Michelle Da Silva was one of the most popular targets for photographers on the second day of Stockholm Fashion Week. I grabbed this shot of Michelle on an iPod outside of Berns, one of the fashion week’s main venues.

I’m shopping for a stylist to help with a an “underground” event I’m trying to organize this Fall.

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This has been the coldest winter in Sweden in 150 years. One place to thaw out in Stockholm is in the Sture Gallerian shopping mall in the Ostermalm district. That is where I met the couple Donatella and Dario, who recently moved to Sweden from Italy. They were both dressed in different shades of black.

Sitting at a juice bar, I spotted Lasse Stahre, a friend and former journalist (more…)

Its his fault: Thomas Adams, co-founder of OnePiece

A sartorial trend spearheaded by OnePiece, a fashion label from Norway, has fashion editors cringing and applauding. The sudden popularity of jumpsuits for adults, now available at Harrod’s in London, provides fashion pundits everywhere with a lovely target for their acerbic wit:

“You look like a toddler stretched out,” was one response to the OnePiece cited by The Guardian in a recent article about the international trend. The article in the British daily asks whether it is possible for a man to be taken seriously while dressed like a toddler. “A journey back to the womb,” was another dour judgment expressed in the paper.

Fans of the loose-fitting fleece cotton garments, otherwise known as “onesies,” argue that they are perfect for chilling out after a tough day at the office. They are undoubtedly comfy for lounging around at home or reclining in front of an open fire after a full day on the ski slopes.

The idea for the warm, colorful garments came about (more…)

We were at Noel’s American bar on Skånegatan for an acoustic set by Jack Mittleman when we spotted this hip couple dressed to the nines for a Saturday night on the town.

Ulf de Wolf and Sofie Nilsson, both 25, were nursing a Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale (him) and an Irish coffee (her) in ducktail bouffon hairdos.

De Wolf drives a warehouse truck during the day. By night, he goes slick Rockabilly.

It is nice when people pay attention to what they wear. Text and photo: Alexander Farnsworth

Returning borrowed clothing to agencies and designers is one of the less glamorous tasks that always has to be done after a fashion shoot or catwalk show.

We bumped into Josef Forselius, a stylist, and his associate Nadja Eklöv on Monday afternoon close to the Rådmansgatan subway station. They had large bags bulging with clothing which they been used the night before for a fashion show held at a Redken salon, which had to be returned. A light snow was dusting the streets of Stockholm and turning pedestrians into popsicles.

Note: Redken is an international hair products and styling company headquartered on Fifth Avenune in NYC which was celebrating a half century in business. Photo: Alexander Farnsworth

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When Lotta Barlach worked as a costume designer for theaters, she often found herself in a rough situation, where she needed sturdy clothing. When she wanted to go out in the evening to an opening or party immediately afterwards, she would need to bring a totally different outfit with her, or rush home and change.

That’s why she made an outfit for herself suitable for hard, physical work, but which had a flattering female style.

“When I used to wear the dress people would stop me in the street and ask where they could buy one, so I thought that I could make a few and sell them in shops,” Lotta explains. “Now it has grown into a brand.”

Male workwear is one of the main inspirations for Lotta’s designs, but her dresses are cut for the shape of a woman. “I combine denim, silk and velvet with elastic materials,” she explains.

The utility skirt she has created can be worn in different contexts during the day and at night, at work and at play. This is a “skirt for the ones who continue to the party, directly after work without a roundabout to home, but just adjust the pockets and other accessories to fit the evening.”
The brand can be purchased at Plezuro, Rörstrandsgatan 28, in Stockholm.
In the photo above taken by Linn From of the School of Fashion Photography, Martha Oldenburg models one of the first Lotta skirts.

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If you like to go out at night and dance and you are under age 18, you are pretty much out of luck in the capital of Sweden. One of the very few options is Kafe 44, which has the pleasant anarchistic aura of an underground club. The entire interior of the place is a monument to street art, and the guests seem to opt for every personal style on the planet, ranging from indie and high school-nerd to death metal and new-hippie. Mysteriously, almost everyone was dancing like maniacs to a DJ Zakolski when we visited, despite the absence of booze. The venue is located at Tjärhovsgatan 44, close to the Medborgarplatsen subway station.
Photos: Alexander Farnsworth

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Good taste: Caroline Axell of Pom Pom Parlour-- who has previous served as a stylist for a TV4’makeover feature-- was wearing a Dior bracelet from 1969, an H&M dress and Sonia Rykiel designer shoes.

Ruby Delicious and “stage kitten” Josephine Shake ‘n’ Burn relax on a comfy couch. “She picks up my clothes after I perform,” Ruby said, explaining the role of her sidekick.

Quite a dish: Lola van Dyke, a big star on the Swedish burlesque scene and the producer of the three-day festival taking place at Berns , strikes a pose for Scandinavian Fashion. On the troupe’s website, she calls herself “The Sauciest Strudel in Showbiz.”

Well-groomed: We liked the look of Hans Rosenberg, a translator, who kept out of the cold at the nearby Le Boheme restaurant before the start of the show. All photos: André Anwar.

A sneak preview of this weekend’s Stockholm Burlesque Festival took place on Wednesday evening at the Pom Pom Parlour shop on the third floor of the PUB department store. The theme boutique, with its assortment of 50’s-style fashions, burlesque accessories and sex toys was the perfect setting for a teaser mini-show by two of the tassel twirling performers in the Knicker Sisters, which are arranging the festival. The performers made their entrance and exit in the department store elevators.

The Pom Pom boutique is currently hosting an exhibit of photos by four photographers who have followed the Knicker Kittens over the years: Ewa Hilden Smith, Martin von Krogh, Olle Lundin, and Jimmy Croona. All photos above: André Anwar.

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Copenhagen’s trendy Fox design hotel was the venue on October 1 of a one-day art project arranged by (T)here, a new York-based art magazine. Participants, including award-winning Danish photographer Martin Soeby, each picked a task they would do while being interviewed on video. Soeby was to do portraits.
“Copenhagen might have the highest population in the world of blond girls and I decided to do a portrait of some of them while jumping for me.”
Some of the results can be viewed in the gallery above. (more…)