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Three months ago fashion was not a big interest of 15-year-old Julia Schneider, the new Swedish winner of the international Elite Model Look competition. She had never gone on a catwalk and had reportedly never even worn high-heel shoes.

“I have definitely never been interested in fashion,” she told a reporter from newspaper Arbetarbladet in one of her first telephone interviews, shortly after getting the prize at a ceremony in Shanghai from world-famous singer Kylie Minogue.

Julia was surrounded after the win by her mother Mia, her father Anders and her younger sister Malin, who is 11 years old.

Until this fall, the lanky Swedish teen had played ice hockey with both girls’ and boys’ teams for about 10 years. After putting her skates on the shelf following a broken arm, she has spent most of her free time with her horses. (more…)


Julia Schneider: Winner of the Elite Model Look 28th World Final

Fifteen year old Julia Schneider from Gävle, Sweden is this year’s winner of the prestigious international Elite Model Look competition. The crowning of Julia took place December 6 in Shanghai after castings in some 800 different cities in 70 different countries on five continents.

“We’re so happy and excited. She has the perfect face for a model,” Kristen Lane of Elite Model Stockholm said in a phone conversation.

The spectacular win means that Julia could well follow in the footsteps of other former winners of the same competition, such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, Fei Fei Sun or Constance Jablonski.

To win first place in the world final also means a three-year contract with the Elite Group, and a guaranteed salary of 150,000 euros.

Julia was just a typical Gävle teen before the competition, a girl with a pet rabbit who played ice hockey for years until she broke her arm. She loves her two horses. But Julia, who is a statuesque 1m79 tall (5 ft, 9 inches), may find things changing a bit when she becomes a professional model.

“I’m very happy but also a little bit in shock,” Julia said one day after the the win: “I was the girl who was always in the stable with horses. I’m still going to do that but my life has been completely changed. Now I’m going to go home for Christmas – it’s really nice in Sweden. As for the future, we’ll see what happens!”

Photo: Hannah Hedin

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David with wet hair

Nearly everyone has issues with their own hair. If you are like most people, you probably feel that your hair is too curly, too thin, too short or too long, a boring color or the wrong texture. A museum in Stockholm is currently collecting anecdotes, photos and memorablia related to hair for an upcoming exhibit in fall 2012.

The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) wants to know everything about your hair. They have launched a webpage where the general public can share their thoughts, reflections or stories relating to hair, beards, body hair and related matters. It’s a Swedish language site.

We learn on this hairy webpage that Matilda, 41, recently cut her hair in a short pageboy style, and is happy not to be bothered by the feeling of hair on her neck. A 20-year-old woman named Linn with straight blonde hair describes the complex steps she takes to achieve an effect that looks entirely natural: Instead of using hairspray on her bangs, which would make them stiff, she applies it to a comb, which provides just enough strengthening affect to prevent the bangs from separating into separate units.

A bushy-haired dude named Richard says he doesn’t care about his hair. He used to spend a lot of money on haircuts when he was young but he finally bought a electronic clipper and now just cuts his hair once a year, and washes it twice a week.
The museum website reminds me about a non-commerical Internet art project called A Total Waste of Time. This collaborative project explores an interesting phenomenon: How men are inclined to take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors. I once contributed a self-portrait photo to this project, fresh out of the shower.

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Label: This advertisement has been retouched and gives a false picture of the model

Norwegian minister of Gender Equality Audun Lysbakken wants to reduce the pressure on young girls to try to live up to unrealistic ideals of beauty. Lysbakken plans to start a dialogue with the advertising industry and the media to stop advertising which promotes unhealthy body ideals, according to daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

One possible course of action is to label advertising that features people who are airbrushed to look thinner.

The leftwing youth organization Red Youth (Rød Ungdom) last year staged a campaign to bring attention to digitally retouched advertising which features stick-thin models. They pasted large labels on advertising billboards with digitally airbrushed models. The campaign is likely to be repeated during the Christmas shopping season this year.

“A hundred thousand girls have eating disorders. We know that many other girls have an unhealthy relationship with food and body. When they encounter advertisements designed on a computer, it constantly tells them that they are not good enough, thin enough, fine enough. This leads to low self-esteem and ultimately can lead to eating disorders, says Red Youth deputy chairman MarteTeigen.

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Victor Nylander is the fresh new face of both Dior Homme and Versace in their SS11 campaigns. Willy Vanderperre shot a video and eight photos of the 18-year-old from Roskilde, Denmark for Dior Homme, while the maestro-himself—-fashion photographer Mario Testino –used the tall Dane for the Versace campaign.

In the Dior Homme video, it appears that Victor is having a pleasant snooze in the sunlight.

Nylander, who got discovered by sending his photos to Scoop Models, told the Fashion Spot blog that his idea of fun is hanging out with his friends and watching soccer. His favorite piece of clothing is some light blue Converse.

He is signed with Scoop and Ford Models.

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Elle Frostegard hasn’t taken a traditional path to a career as fashion designer, but it seems like she is nevertheless on the way to realizing her dream. “I never took any courses in design. I am entirely self-taught. I sew all the clothes I make myself,” says Elle, who plans to apply to St. Martins design school in London as soon as possible. (more…)

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When F-Hush, a brand new fashion glossy out of Belgium hits the stands around the world for the first time this week, Scandinavian design will be well represented thanks to Stockholm-based stylist Kawa H. Pour.

This fashion bible of 326 pages contains no less than three major pictorials styled by Kawa, all of which used photographers and labels from the region. (more…)

Dramatic pose: Photo, David Sims

Frida Gustavsson, a 17-year-old model from the Stockholmsgruppen, appears to be struggling against the rain which has been drenching Sweden this week. Frida is featured in a pictorial published in the August issue of Paris Vogue. The photographer is David Sims, and the styling is by Corine Roitfeld. In March, Frida could be seen on the cover of Germany’s Vogue.