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For a country with a population of only about 320,000, Iceland seems to give birth to a surprisingly large number of wildly creative people. It must be the magic vibrations coming from the amazing lunar landscape. One of the biggest new creative talents is multimedia artist and fashion designer Harpa Einarsdottir. The first collection of her label Ziska, pictured above, is a knock-out!

Harpa is still waiting to get the collection from the manufacturers.

“It will be sold online on my website and in Eva N.Y. on Bowery, and in a store here in Iceland,” the designer informs me via a Facebook message. “I´m working on the winter collection, actually two of them so I´m quite busy these days,” she adds.

In addition to her work in fashion, Harpa (aka Ziska) is an exceptional illustrator, envisioning a mystical, sometimes scary world where good and evil reign side-by-side. (I’ve included one image of a collage from a series called “Memories of a Glacier.”

Photographer Brynjar Snaer, Model Edda from Eskimo, make up Isak Freyr

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As the first snows of winter dust the streets of Stockholm, my thoughts turn to Iceland. Right about now, it would be nice to be warming my toes in the Blue Lagoon or some of the other geothermal heated pools with dot the North Atlantic land mass perched between North America and Europe.

I once took part in a fashion photo shoot by Börkur Sighortson on the outskirts of Reykjavik.
What has Börkur been up to lately? An excursion on the Internet turned up these images Börkur took of the S/S 2012 collection of swimwear by Nikita of Iceland.

Hair & makeup by Fríða María Models: Andrea Röfn, Bryndís & Rós
Photographic assistant: Héðinn Eiríksson

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Christmas gift idea from Esquire webpage

The style blog of American mens’ magazine Esquire has come with an unusual gift idea for Christmas shopping: the puffy sort of jacket favored by Wikileaks head-honcho Julian Assange, currently on bail from a London jail on charges of sexual crimes allegedly committed in Sweden. (more…)

A jewelry designer from my old hunting grounds, that is to say Los Angeles, recently made a trip to the top of the world and was deeply impressed.

“I am a jewelry designer in the United States who just returned from a magical trip to Iceland, where I absolutely fell in love with the Nordics, and Scandinavian design– my spring/ summer line is heavily inspired by that,” Cate Rubinstein, the creative director of Moonshined Designs says in a written note. (more…)

Take one person with a bright idea, add a second one, a third one and keep going. If one collects enough clever and ambitious people together in one room a critical mass is achieved, and the result is an explosion of creativity. That is what happened in Stockholm last night, as some 30 fashion designers, artists, and other folk from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway—and some brilliant Estonians—got together in a gallery to chat, show their projects, and network. (more…)

Lady Gaga liked the look

Fashion and pop-music legend Lady Gaga was spotted wearing one Vera Thordardottir’s frost-inspired creations only a few days before Vera graduated from Istituto Marangoni in East London earlier this year. The Italian-American singer wore a frilly outfit from the Icelandic designer’s graduation collection when she performed at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball. (more…)

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Kalda, a brand started in 2009 by two talented Icelandic sisters, Katarin Alda and Rebekka, make clothes for “individuals who find satisfaction in swimming against the mainstream.”
Aníta Eldjárn Kristjánsdóttir, a photography student in Trondheim, Norway snapped these seductive shots of a model wearing an outfit by Kalda, with styling by Raga G. Human hair is one of the materials that was used in making the garment.

Argonite jacket

When Icelandic singer Björk visited Stockholm last month to claim the Polar Music Prize, she wore a brilliant jacket that glittered like a thousand rubies. We knew that Björk visited the Swedish art/fashion designer Bea Szenfeld before she picked up the prize, but didn’t know that the outfit Björk wore to the awards ceremony was actually one of Bea’s creations.

The singer made a positive impression on the fashion designer: “Bjork is the most talented woman I now!” says Ms. Szenfeld.

The jacket Björk wore to the award ceremony is called “Aragonite” and it´s made out of three-dimensional pink paper sequins. Aragonite are corals which occurred during the Cambrian period about 542 million years ago, the designer informs Scandinavian Fashion.

The jacket is one of a dozen “haute papier” outfits that comprise Bea Szenfeld’s extraordinary “Sur Plag” collection. Does Ms. Szenfeld have a new collection under way? (more…)

Odd Molly of Sweden and Finland’s IVANA Helsinki are staging runway shows this week at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Manhattan. This is the first time that fashion brands from Scandinavia have been on the official list, running head-to-head with names like Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Three other Nordic labels–Tiia Vanhatapio, Royal Extreme and Islaet –will stage a group show tomorrow.

While Sweden’s Odd Molly has a broad appeal and a Californian soul which can make it attractive to mass-markets, Finland’s IVANA Helsinki has a moody appeal, and a Finno-Slavic look which sets it apart from everyone else. (more…)

Icelandic singer-songwriter-actress Björk, in Stockholm on Monday to receive the Polar Music Prize from the hand of the Swedish king, lived up to her reputation as a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. (more…)