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Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld seems to have taken the wrong turn in Paris and ended up on a concrete wall in Aspudden, a rather anonymous suburb of Stockholm. The photo, which was taken by Lotta Söderberg, found its way to a street-art website.
If you visit the site, be sure to check out the images by Max Magnus Norman of a psychedelic cat walking on water.

The miraculous cat is part of an unusual Advent Calendar, where participants can use mobile phones or Google maps to find a different street-art installation in Stockholm every day, during the period leading up to Christmas.

In Swedish the project is called the “Kladdventskalendern,” which can roughly be translated as Grafitti Advent Calendar.

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Three months ago fashion was not a big interest of 15-year-old Julia Schneider, the new Swedish winner of the international Elite Model Look competition. She had never gone on a catwalk and had reportedly never even worn high-heel shoes.

“I have definitely never been interested in fashion,” she told a reporter from newspaper Arbetarbladet in one of her first telephone interviews, shortly after getting the prize at a ceremony in Shanghai from world-famous singer Kylie Minogue.

Julia was surrounded after the win by her mother Mia, her father Anders and her younger sister Malin, who is 11 years old.

Until this fall, the lanky Swedish teen had played ice hockey with both girls’ and boys’ teams for about 10 years. After putting her skates on the shelf following a broken arm, she has spent most of her free time with her horses. (more…)

Julia Schneider: Winner of the Elite Model Look 28th World Final

Fifteen year old Julia Schneider from Gävle, Sweden is this year’s winner of the prestigious international Elite Model Look competition. The crowning of Julia took place December 6 in Shanghai after castings in some 800 different cities in 70 different countries on five continents.

“We’re so happy and excited. She has the perfect face for a model,” Kristen Lane of Elite Model Stockholm said in a phone conversation.

The spectacular win means that Julia could well follow in the footsteps of other former winners of the same competition, such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, Fei Fei Sun or Constance Jablonski.

To win first place in the world final also means a three-year contract with the Elite Group, and a guaranteed salary of 150,000 euros.

Julia was just a typical Gävle teen before the competition, a girl with a pet rabbit who played ice hockey for years until she broke her arm. She loves her two horses. But Julia, who is a statuesque 1m79 tall (5 ft, 9 inches), may find things changing a bit when she becomes a professional model.

“I’m very happy but also a little bit in shock,” Julia said one day after the the win: “I was the girl who was always in the stable with horses. I’m still going to do that but my life has been completely changed. Now I’m going to go home for Christmas – it’s really nice in Sweden. As for the future, we’ll see what happens!”

Photo: Hannah Hedin

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Wallenberg singer in a streamlined version of her costume

Paulina, lead singer of the moody pop group Wallenberg, had by far the most striking outfit at a book release party held at Södra Teater on Wednesday evening. She makes all of her costumes herself. The outfit pictured to the left with the triple-ball headgear is actually a simplified version of the costume she uses when performing.

“The full costume is huge,” she explained.

Some samples of the group’s tunes can be found on Myspace. Check out the song “Blonde or Rouge” on Youtube.

The party at Södra Teater was a release for a richly illustrated new book, “Burleska Bastarder,” about Stockholm’s famed Hootchy Kootchy burlesque club. Since 2006 the neo-burlesque club has been creating extravagent, sexy shows with a big dose of satirical humor. Photo:

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One of my big favorites on the Scandinavian fashion scene, knitwear queen Sandra Backlund of Sweden, will be this year’s recipent of a major grant of 300,000 kronor (42,000 dollars) from a government agency. (more…)

The Hallwylska Museum in Stockholm tries to warm up this chilly autumn with a collection of woolen dresses and coats by Ebba von Eckermann. The exhibition entitled ¨ Woven Fashion Dreams- from Ripsa to New York” (Vävda modedrömmar- från Ripsa till New York) tells the story of a Swedish clothing company, which offered its classic outfits to the women in USA and Paris in the second half of last century.

Pushing my way through the tight lines of these ghosts of the past crowded in Hallwyska’s room, I couldn’t avoid one strong impression: this exhibition smells, metaphorically speaking, of mothballs.

It is a static exposition with a rather detached musical (more…)

Making the rounds of the fashion PR companies’ showrooms in Stockholm on Thursday, we couldn´t help noticing the red-white-and-blue boots by Jeremy Scott worn by a stylist named Jessica. A follow-up to the bowling shoes Scott previously did for Adidas, the boots with their modest wedge heels look super-comfy. Photo: Alexander Farnsworth

Claude Monet--Water Lilies, after 1916:© Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris / The Bridgeman Art Library

Last week I received an invitation to a preview of a new exhibit of the work of three artists: Turner, Monet and Twombly. This causes me to feel an itchy irritation, a kind of vague anxiety.

The unopened envelope containing the invitation rests downstairs on top of a bureau adjacent to my front door. And now I’ve received several e-mail reminders.

I love the work of Turner, can appreciate Monet and should probably give this less well-known Twomby a chance to reveal his brilliance. The problem is my chronic antipathy to the Moderna Museet. I’ve been disappointed too many times.

The Moderna Museet has for more years than I care to remember (more…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Helsinki, Finland will next year take over as “Design Capital of the World.” To celebrate that happy occasion, the Finns plan early next month to share their best sounds and design with their Swedish cousins. The art gallery of the Finnish Institute at Snickarbacken 4 will spotlight illustration agency Agent Pekka, interior architect Vertti Kivi, artist Janna Syvänoja, architect Pekka Harni, fashion designer Jasmiine Julin-Aro and textile artist Heli Turoi-Luutonen.
Just across the street, at the S7 gallery, one of Finland’s most successful independent fashion labels—Ivana Helsinki – will be staging a separate exhibit of their “Velvet Lake” AW/11 collection (slideshow above). We can expect to see handmade Finnish knits, feminine printed silk and velvet dresses featuring peacock feather and “Jack Frost” embroideries, crushed velvet coats and “fluffed” knit dresses.
During the same period—October 4 to November 3, the Moi! Music festival will present the best of modern Finnish popular music, everything from pop to elektro, world music to hard rock.

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Chewy Rat

Several of the broaches and necklaces created by Pernilla Sylwan feature irregular-shaped gems which look like jellied candies that have temporarily been removed from someone’s mouth. Sylvan calls the jewelry collection which will go on display starting on Saturday at the Nutida Svenskt Silver boutique “Guld och Godis,” which translates roughly (minus its lovely alliteration) as “Gold and Candy.” The artisan says that she feels like a kid in a candy shop when she visits a gem dealer. I personally like the broach pictured above called “Chewy Rat,” (Seg Råtta), which is the name of a popular type of artificially colored candy usually marketed here in bins.
The exhibit at Arsenalgatan 3 in Stockholm will continue until October 12.
Photo: Peter Mörk

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