A funny thing about hair

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Cool photos, Models, Trends
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David with wet hair

Nearly everyone has issues with their own hair. If you are like most people, you probably feel that your hair is too curly, too thin, too short or too long, a boring color or the wrong texture. A museum in Stockholm is currently collecting anecdotes, photos and memorablia related to hair for an upcoming exhibit in fall 2012.

The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) wants to know everything about your hair. They have launched a webpage where the general public can share their thoughts, reflections or stories relating to hair, beards, body hair and related matters. It’s a Swedish language site.

We learn on this hairy webpage that Matilda, 41, recently cut her hair in a short pageboy style, and is happy not to be bothered by the feeling of hair on her neck. A 20-year-old woman named Linn with straight blonde hair describes the complex steps she takes to achieve an effect that looks entirely natural: Instead of using hairspray on her bangs, which would make them stiff, she applies it to a comb, which provides just enough strengthening affect to prevent the bangs from separating into separate units.

A bushy-haired dude named Richard says he doesn’t care about his hair. He used to spend a lot of money on haircuts when he was young but he finally bought a electronic clipper and now just cuts his hair once a year, and washes it twice a week.
The museum website reminds me about a non-commerical Internet art project called A Total Waste of Time. This collaborative project explores an interesting phenomenon: How men are inclined to take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors. I once contributed a self-portrait photo to this project, fresh out of the shower.

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  1. Zigge says:

    Thanks David for bringing up this everlasting issue… again. As the founder of http://www.totalwaste.org (Total Waste of Time) I am also inclined to seriously make own investigations of common personal phenomena, in fron of the mirror, as I have found out that at least half the world share these everyday problems. And not be neglected or overpass as just.. personal hangups or plain narcissism… but, on the other hand, this is how life presents itself to us, the daily life consists mostly of transport and wondering about useless ideas running through our heads, but as we find this out we might experince something of the true essence of life, the excessive waste of time.

    But I’m interested if this might be some sort of Western meditation, something benefitting and restful for our constantly bombarded brains, with total useless “information” like commercials, Facebook and so on. Spending time with oneself in front of the mirror might also be the perfect partnership, at least for a little while, to be mutually (?) enjoyed. Wasting time might be a luxury today, meaningless things create a better ground for understanding deeper meanings of existance itself.

    These are big words maybe, but I think one is making a mistake in firmly believing that life is for real. At least these are thoughts that might pop up while confronting yourself with a mirrored version of your exterior. I thing we all have experienced that, once or twice. By joining us on Total Waste you will contribute in this small but global project, with your own thoughts around this, and your bathroom.. mirror.. picture… You will be in good company. Thanks.

    PS. On female initiative and demand we now have a section “Ladies Room”. Initially we thought only men were inclined to take their bathroom pictures in hotels and so forth, but… this was not the case of course.

    http://www.totalwaste.org (Men’s Room)
    http://www.totalwaste.org/index_w (Ladies Room)

    • wordhack1 says:

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment, Zigge. I am also fascinated by the way we see ourselves, why we choose to look a certain way, and the presumptions people make about each other based solely upon personal style, physical attributes or clothing.

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