Conceptual Ecology from Norway

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Norwegian
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Just a year after her graduation from Høyskolen in Oslo, Norwegian designer Lisbeth Løvbak Berg has launched her label L-L-B, staged a fashion show in London and established a base in Paris. This designer is all about “slow fashion,” with a focus on high-quality tailoring with an ecological message.

The “Decay in Beauty” collection combines old materials with new coloring techniques and modern forms. The project was inspired by an abandoned tree-house the designer discovered somewhere in the austere Norwegian landscape. She wanted to catch the spirit of the unspoken past still visible in the house. Using vintage materials, re-colored and stitched together from different pieces, she gave her garments a quality of new items with a history.

“I would like to bring back the value that clothes lost with the introduction of mass production,” says Lisbeth.- “Paradoxically, one of the ways to give clothing a longer life is to make them look a bit old from the beginning. My designs are often pre-washed so that they never look totally brand new. I use materials that will also look different with time, or those one can wear in various ways so that they preserve their charm despite shifting fashions.”

Slow fashion and environmental thinking is a crucial part of the L-L-B idea. It is s not easy to design a purely ecologic item, mainly because of the lack of textile providers in Norway. And how can one find something so basic as an ecologic zipper? But Lisbeth remains true to her principles- if she wants to make an ecologic piece, it needs to be environmental friendly from the beginning to the very end. She has just found a zipper provider in France.

The next collection by L-L-B will be inspired by Lisbeth’s French experiences. She became fascinated by the French words ” Habiter” and ” Habiller”, meaning ” to live/ to reside” and ”to wear”. The similarity between them is no coincidence; both words come from the same ancient form. The modern French word for a clothing piece is ” habit”, directly pointing to the connection between living and wearing. L-L-B wants to build her new concept around the fact that we actually live in our clothes. This time, the conceptual designer she will use layers of thin textiles and printed silk to create her silhouette. Text: Verónica Fraticelli


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