Rest your tired bones in a graveyard

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Cool photos
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The capital of Sweden is a great place to walk but there aren’t many benches where one can simply sit and relax for a while. One place to cool your heels near the center of the city is at the Church of Adolf Fredriks, at the corner of Kammarkagatan and the big thoroughfare Sveavägen. There are numerous empty benches in the quiet, well-tended graveyard which surrounds the church.

That’s where I met my photographer buddy Alex on Monday afternoon. We took the opportunity to ambush some bench-sitters.

The first people we approached were Caroline and Gustav—who were wearing nearly identical blue-checked shirts: “We didn’t plan it that way. It just happened,” Caroline explained about the synchronized shirts. The duo were munching on candies, including some of the famous Swedish car treats called “Bilar.” A few benches down, beside a large urn with some lovely flowers, Alex snapped a shot of Anna and sophisticated Betty. The third member of their party was camera-shy.

On an adjacent bench, surrounded by somber tombstones, was the couple Mikaela and Rickard. The presense of the tombstones at their side didn’t seem to disturb their mellow mood— and maybe the spirits of the dead were lightened by the visit of mortals who were kicking back and enjoying the afternoon.

On the opposite side of the church designed by the architect Carl Fredrik Adelkrantz and built between 1768 and 1774 is one of the most famous graves in the country; it is the final resting place of former Prime Minister Olof Palme.
Photos: Alexander Farnsworth

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