An obscure choice for Rookie of the Year

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Swedish
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You might wake up one morning and find yourself mysteriously transported to a scary cyberpunk universe like the one created by William Gibson in his 1984 science fiction classic Neuromancer. You will know you’ve arrived if the sky is the color of the static on television.

If you happen to land in a futuristic place just like that, it would be handy to have a multi-zippered leather outfit designed by Obscur of Helsingborg, Sweden.

The grim-goth style—the dark vision of designer Richard Söderberg– was the most edgy and extreme fashion displayed at the Annual Rookie of the Year competition which was the kick-off event of this year’s Stockholm Fashion Week. It must have appealed to the judges, because it won first prize.

Surprisingly, there were more than a few empty seats at the event held at Café Opera. Why was the audience so thin? Does one have to be a “celebrity” or already famous to attract a crowd?

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