What Tom Selleck and I have in common

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Trends

Tom (at right) in tank top and micro-shorts

About one year ago I got rid of my beard, which was getting too gray to suit my vanity. But my dirty brown mustache survives on its own. That means I share the same sort of facial adornment as Tom Selleck, the square-chinned star of the 1980s detective TV series Magnum PI.

The mustache is a relatively rare accessory in modern-day Scandinavia—so unusual that the thick brush that adorns the upper lip of Social Democratic Party leader Håkan Juholt is often discussed and commented upon—as if it says something special about his character or politics — But what does his moustache say?

Tom Selleck and I (but presumably not Håkan Juholt) share another retro fashion style. We both wear relatively short shorts. I don’t like my shorts as tight or as short as the crotch-huggers Magnum favored when he was cruising around Hawaii with Higgins in his fire-engine red Ferrari 308 GTS.
But the style of shorts now universally popular—which end at mid- calf, strike me as useless and absurd. I think they suit boys up to age eight.

Long shorts are an ambiguous garment, unsure whether they are pants or shorts. It is as if the wearer wants to enjoy the feeling of fresh air on his legs, but doesn’t dare to wear proper shorts.
”Bermuda shorts “ for men are not my cup of tea.

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  1. Cate says:

    Fantastic post!

  2. Nizar says:

    You are cool..sorry I mean David 🙂

  3. rs says:

    Pretty dang hysterical !

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