Photographer with her soul on fire

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Fashion Photography, Swedish
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Felicia Margineanu Photo: David B.

Felicia Margineanu is a young woman who seems to be burning with creative passion. She is only 18 years old and already works as a professional photographer, with her own business.
Some months ago Felicia shot three separate fashion/press events for me in a single day, and did a great job. At an age when many of her peers are thinking more about recreation than avocation, Felica is moving full-speed towards the fulfilment of her dreams.

Yesterday evening I caught up with her (and her friend Jonni) on the steps of Stockholm’s Gustav Vasa church, near the Odenplan subway stop.
”I’ve had four shoots already this week,” Felicia told me –and it was only Wednesday!

Many people have already heard about Ms. Margineanu for a special reason: After national elections brought an anti-immigrant political party into the Swedish parliament in 2010, Felicia—just 17 years old at the time—used Facebook to call for a public demonstration in the center of the city. Some 10,000 people assembled in Sergels Torg in a huge manifestation supporting a tolerant, multi-cultural society.
“I felt like there was more racism around and decided that something had to be done. I thought that if I didn’t do it, maybe no one would do it.”

Felicia was supposed to meet me at 8 p.m. but got delayed because a video filming and a dancing practice ran late: “On Saturday evening, I will be performing with a Salsa dance group at the Gröna Lund amusement park,” she explained. The show starts at 9 p.m.
Her enthusiasm for Salsa is the reason the multi-talented Ms. Margineanu bills herself as the “dancing photographer with her soul on fire” on her webpage.

Fashion photographer, dancer, social activist. That would be enough for most people. But Felicia has more on her plate. She recently became a “Top Blogger” at, the country’s leading forum for fashion bloggers, and she has a photo job next month planned in Miami.

Before a bus whisked her away to her next appointment, this attractive young woman told me she has yet another venture underway: “By the way, I am going to compete in the Miss World Sweden contest,” she added. The first stage in the competition involving 48 contenders starts July 25.

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