Julian Assange as style icon

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Icelandic, Swedish
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Christmas gift idea from Esquire webpage

The style blog of American mens’ magazine Esquire has come with an unusual gift idea for Christmas shopping: the puffy sort of jacket favored by Wikileaks head-honcho Julian Assange, currently on bail from a London jail on charges of sexual crimes allegedly committed in Sweden.

“You might want to kill the guy, but Julian Assange, quite literally, does not look bad. His hair is eternally a big (or little) deal. He’s currently staying at a 650-acre mansion with a facade we’d kill for (or at least kill for a snowed-in weekend inside of). And the last time we saw him outside of it, he was wearing a pretty nice puffy brown jacket,” the Esquire fashion editors have observed.

I’m personally not a huge fan of Assange. Nor am I fond of puffy jackets. As to Julian’s hair, it seems to have gone through some odd transformations in his various public appearances. Does it change colors because of artificial coloring, or have magazine photo editors taken liberties with Photoshop?

I recently spent three days assisting a London-based reporter who was visiting Sweden on the trail of the Wikleaks story. Boy, is that criminal case confusing. One can reasonably question the wisdom of recommending a guy accused of rape as a style icon. The tabloids, in any event, will be selling a lot more copies before the matter is resolved.

If you are in the market for a winter jacket, there are many options apart from the Moncler, Uniqlo, and Hiroki Nakamura mentioned in the Esquire piece. Sweden’s own Peak Performance has a wide array of handsome high tech jackets which will keep you warm while debating Wikileak controversies with your friends. Or if you want something to really keep you cozy while avoiding extradition or climbing a glacier, you might consider a three-layer Glymur Jacket from 66 North of Iceland.

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  1. Gina says:

    What a funny twist on fashion reporting! Actually, I am a big fan of the puffy jacket. There’s no substitute for it it the temperatures we’re having right now in Sweden, except for maybe a floor-length one.

  2. Dan says:

    What does the geek prefer? For formal, casual, semi casual, rugged and sporting attire preferences. Brand names, what are they? Jewelry? Cologne or after shave? Japanese cuisine or Italian? Prefers to drive a Jag or an Audi? Plays Tennis or Squash? Does he drink? Listens to music, what are they? What movies does he like? Prefers tea than coffee? In a cup and saucer or a styro cup or mug? Does he even party?

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