A new planet in the night sky

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Cool photos, Events, Fashion Photography
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A new celestial body was sited in the night sky on Tuesday, not the club named Pluto where people go to dance and hang out, but a brand new venue for alternative culture also called Klubb Pluto There wasn’t any sign out front, just a series of candles burning in the snow which guided one in a roundabout way into a factory-like interior in an industrial neighborhood.

“This looks just like the 1970s” was the first impression of my Belgian photographer friend, who worked for three years with filmmaker Stephen Spielberg on the “Shoah” project. Paintings, comics, and art photos decorated one wall at Pluto, while a dark crimson fabric hung in a large swathe on the ceiling and at the rear of the stage.

Guests on the inaugural night were treated to a medley of experimental short films, a poetry reading, and a performance. In the film “Excavation 2” the sound and visuals of men shooting different kinds of guns and automatic rifles were synchronized with overlaid lines of poetry celebrating the virtues of nature. That was very cool.

But the highlight was a performance by Julia Gumpert, currently studying mime, and actress Olga Henriksson. They had charcoal mustaches on their upper lips and portrayed dumpy guys holding babies in a chance meeting. The gender-benders gradually started to lust after each other, and cast away the babies (sex roles?) who turned out to be just blankets. The mini-show culminated in an erotic dance—very hot!

“We will have various kinds of cultural nights, sometimes many different things like tonight, sometimes just a single artist. We will also have nights focused on a single theme, like religion,” explained Cecilia Cederberg, one of the five co-arrangers of Pluto’s new culture endeavor (K-sektor)

There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Photographer: Lucien Brongniart

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