Fashion in flux on Tjärhovsgatan

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Boutiques, Events, Swedish
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Designer Kim Hagelind, whose fashion has been compared to a Rembrandt painted by surrealist Dali, will be opening up a pop-up store on November 26 on Tjärhovsgatan 14 on the south side of Stockhom. There seems to be a lot happening on that street: A few weeks ago, Noir & Blanc opened a new boutique at Tjärhovsgatan 3.

Hägelund, 23, made a splash on the Swedish fashion scene with her first collection for F/W 2010. She was one of the finalists in a completion sponsored by IKEA and nominated by the Swedish Fashion Council for the Rookie-of-the-Year award. Some of her inspirations are Japanese design and concept cars.

We have never visited the Flux Shop where Ms. Hagelind will have her “guerilla boutique,” but it sounds like a special sort of place. Their motto is: “Erase the bonds between Life and Art.” Flux hosts a new designer every month and arranges happenings. Once a month, for example, they invite 12 people to a dinner. Every participant signs up with an ingredient and a subject they’d like to discuss during the dinner. Traditional subjects as family, work and home are banned for this evening.

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