Working hard and looking good

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Street Fashion, Swedish
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When Lotta Barlach worked as a costume designer for theaters, she often found herself in a rough situation, where she needed sturdy clothing. When she wanted to go out in the evening to an opening or party immediately afterwards, she would need to bring a totally different outfit with her, or rush home and change.

That’s why she made an outfit for herself suitable for hard, physical work, but which had a flattering female style.

“When I used to wear the dress people would stop me in the street and ask where they could buy one, so I thought that I could make a few and sell them in shops,” Lotta explains. “Now it has grown into a brand.”

Male workwear is one of the main inspirations for Lotta’s designs, but her dresses are cut for the shape of a woman. “I combine denim, silk and velvet with elastic materials,” she explains.

The utility skirt she has created can be worn in different contexts during the day and at night, at work and at play. This is a “skirt for the ones who continue to the party, directly after work without a roundabout to home, but just adjust the pockets and other accessories to fit the evening.”
The brand can be purchased at Plezuro, Rörstrandsgatan 28, in Stockholm.
In the photo above taken by Linn From of the School of Fashion Photography, Martha Oldenburg models one of the first Lotta skirts.

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