Chilling out with Chill Norway

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Norwegian
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The Scandinavians may have their faults, but they sure know how to stay warm in the winter. Check out these cozy-looking loutfits by Chill Norway. The family-owned firm was founded in 2004 by two sisters, Line Gaarud Houge and Nanna Gaarud. Their webpage informs us that the ladies are in their mid thirties and mothers of two; their goal was to create a brand that represented themselves and their lifestyle.

“It was important to them that the brand reflects a central message to all women—letting go is critical to living a healthy life. It is OK to leave the house untidy or be late for a meeting. As working moms, the sisters are always trying to strike the balance between work and play, thus have created a brand that translates playful relaxed comfort to their clothing.”

At present, it appears that Chill Norway only markets their designs in Scandinavia, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

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