Denim rules supreme at Liike in Helsinki

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Boutiques, Finnish
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Liike, a shop in Helsinki, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary with an amazing group collection called Deninmalism. It’s not often that you get a chance to compare several designers’ signature styles in the same material and the same collection.

At Liike, the designers sell their own clothes directly to the customer, and designers can show their work exactly how they want it to be treated. Liike is Vainio Seitsonen, MUKA VA, Tikit, Dusty, Haaksiluoto and Miun. Denimalism was created in cooperation with the Finnish Lee Cooper / M.A.S.I. Company, following the strong trend in Finland to source locally and to reuse local materials.

In the collection, Vainio Seitsonen’s play with traditional forms of clothing is evident—with a long skirt tailored like trousers and oversized silhouettes. Tikit, always wearable and body-flattering, produced a classic denim jeans and skirt. Mukava uses simple but elegant cuts, while Miun has new elegant and complex layers for summer. Haaksiluoto’s dresses are perhaps the most wearable for any figure, and their details make them desired objects. For men, Dusty offers a loose-fit jean and a baggy one, plus boyfriend-fit shorts.

The Denimalism collection is available at Liike until spring.
Text: Julie Uusinarkaus

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