Swedish denim rules the world

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Swedish, videos
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Niño Romeo Castillo of Stockholm is into denim in a big way. He is wearing a pair of Nudie Jeans in this short video he created himself. Nudie Jeans, based in Gothenburg, is only one of many Swedish jeans brand reaching world markets. Consumers in New York probably imagine that Julian Red is an American label. Nope, their denim jeans are designed in Sweden, as are pants by Acne Jeans, Cheap Monday, Denimbirds, Dr. Denim, PACE and Denim Demon.

This past weekend, I went clubbing with Niño Castillo and my old friend Nizar. Denim-addict Niño took some great “street fashion” pictures for me at Berns downstairs nightclub, using my camera. But when I got home, the new photos had mysteriously vanished from the memory chip, lost in the Bermuda Triangle. It seems like my camera is cursed.

  1. Beckman says:

    Check this new denim brand out, EMMETT


    launch in spring 2011

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