Argonite jacket

When Icelandic singer Björk visited Stockholm last month to claim the Polar Music Prize, she wore a brilliant jacket that glittered like a thousand rubies. We knew that Björk visited the Swedish art/fashion designer Bea Szenfeld before she picked up the prize, but didn’t know that the outfit Björk wore to the awards ceremony was actually one of Bea’s creations.

The singer made a positive impression on the fashion designer: “Bjork is the most talented woman I now!” says Ms. Szenfeld.

The jacket Björk wore to the award ceremony is called “Aragonite” and it´s made out of three-dimensional pink paper sequins. Aragonite are corals which occurred during the Cambrian period about 542 million years ago, the designer informs Scandinavian Fashion.

The jacket is one of a dozen “haute papier” outfits that comprise Bea Szenfeld’s extraordinary “Sur Plag” collection. Does Ms. Szenfeld have a new collection under way?

“I’m working on one now but it won’t be ready until 2011,” she explains. “I can not tell you anything about the new collection. You will have to wait until April.”

The reason we haven’t seen Bea Szenfeld’s designs on the runway lately is simple: “I no longer work with commercial collections so I don´t have to do runways anymore… I working with custom-made outfits for advertising and art projects now,” Bea says. “You can buy my clothes at art exhibitions…but the garments are more like art…not every day clothes.”

We haven’t seen the last of the “Aragonite” dress, by the way. Björk will have Szenfeld’s garment on the front page of AnOther Magazine, that will be out in few days. Photo: Karin Törnblom

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