Sexy eco-styles from Noir of Denmark

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Cool photos, Danish
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When it comes to socially responsible fashion, Danish eco-luxury collection Noir and their street label Bllack Noir are one of the hottest labels in the world.
“We want to be known as the first brand to bring sophistication and sexiness to corporate social responsibility,” says Noir founder Peter Ingwersen.
The Bllack Noir S/S 2011 collection pictured above is inspired by rock chicks and is street savvy, allowing for individual styling. Peter Ingwersen kindly agreed to answer a few questions from Scandinavian Fashion:

What are your main markets?

“Our main markets for NOIR are Germany and France. For BLLACK NOIR we are represented in Germany, France, UK, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark”

Which fabrics will be most important to eco-friendly fashion in the future?

“Eco friendly fabrics are a moving target as new innovations and new philosophies are implemented. I always think of this particular time with the same fondness like Klondike: New territories to be explored. In the future it will still be a mix of organic fabrics and manmade fibers as they will pollute less and consume less water in the manufacturing process.”

What needs to be done to make eco-clothing more widely accepted? Is price the main obstacle?

“Price is an obstacle but what is more important is the shift in consumption patterns due to increased consumer awareness. This will change the game.”

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