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When F-Hush, a brand new fashion glossy out of Belgium hits the stands around the world for the first time this week, Scandinavian design will be well represented thanks to Stockholm-based stylist Kawa H. Pour.

This fashion bible of 326 pages contains no less than three major pictorials styled by Kawa, all of which used photographers and labels from the region. The luxury fashion mag, the brainchild of photographer Antonella Baldassare, aims to be an inspiration for young teens as well as for the nouveau riche. Pictured above are shots from a series called “Color Me Love” by Danish photographer Henrik Adamsen featuring the model Claudia from 2PM Copenhagen. Make-up was by Monika Grensteen at Unique Look, with hair by Lasse Pedersen, also from Uniquelook.

Kawa, who often works out of studios in London or Paris, recently started to make films in conjunction with his shoots. He has about 10 films under his belt at this point. “When the photography is all done we start acting for the film camera. It’s a challenge, because things have to look good from every angle, not just from one perspective as in photograph.”
The stylist is hooked on the artistic side of fashion, as so many of us are. He has done work for Zink, Fault and similar sexy titles, and is aiming for the very top: “I want to work for Vogue. That is the dream that keeps me going.”

It is not an advantage to say that you are based in Stockholm when seeking high-end work: “It is easier if I say I am from France,” the cosmopolitan stylist observes.

The other photographers who did pictorials with Kawa H. Pour for the Belgian magazine were Waldemar Hansson and Nina Holma. Among the 30-odd brands used were Sandra Backlund, Armani Jeans, American Apparel, Nina Jarebrink, Sonia Rykiel (one of Kawa’s favorites), HPI of Sweden, Cornelia
and Sandwich.

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